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Scam Alert From Zac Acme Phone Leads
March 13, 2011

Hi Members,

Hope all is well with you and your families.

I've some important info for you regarding the latest online scam.

Just want to give you a heads up before you are approached to join this program.

It's Acme Phone Leads and it's definitely a scam.

I've posted an alert at forums warning as many as possible as My post is #1 at Google, plus Google even sent their "Google Guy" to my site to post his comments about about my review.

Here is the post so you can know why not to fall for it:

Here is my complete review at internet work with former members of the owners' scams posting evidence of them not getting paid etc.

Please visit whydowork for details. You can click a up or down on the posts which I do recommend.

Also, at my site's review feel free to leave a comment as well. There's some really good reading from comments made already.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Spring is on the way!

Cheers, Zac

P.S. I've some very exciting updates coming with our featured programs. ie MTB TCA ETC.

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