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99 Free Product Creation Tools
January 14, 2011

For now, let me just say this, THIS is all about saving money by getting HUGE discounts at LOCAL business' in your area.

And, it's about SOCIAL MEDIA as a way to help Our Members Save Money!

If you choose, you may share this with others (NO COST EVER) and Make Money also.

You'll be amazed about how much money you can earn.

Since this is FREE FOREVER, I suggest you go to my site and scroll down and register.

THEN, go look at the videos. Why Join 1st? Because this is GROWING VIRAL rapidly and chances are you'll want to tell others about this, BEFORE they tell you.

Here's my site

The Savings are Awesome, at least 50% OFF. You DO NOT have to buy anything ever! Each day, you'll get offers sent to you via email. You decide if you want what the Special is for that day.

If you purchase one of the Specials, EVERY member connected to you 5 levels up gets 5% of the amount you pay.

I'm sure you've already caught on........that means ANY Member connected to you for as many as 5 levels below you, will earn YOU money anytime they make a purchase.

So, at least get registered RIGHT AWAY, it only takes a minute or two to get your FREE Membership.

Talk about a FABULOUS Fund Raiser for Churches, Groups, Sororities, Fraternities, Athletic Teams, etc.

It cost NO ONE anything and the Fund Raiser entity makes a PERPETUAL EVER GROWING INCOME!

I have a team build membership site we will use to help members build their teams you are invited to join free.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Cheers, Zac
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