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Free Customer Service Advantage Save 50% Or More
Earn When Your Friends Save Down 5 Levels!

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The Customer Service Advantage Faqs (frequently asked questions)

Q: How much does the customer service advantage cost to join?
A: Membership is free and always will be.

Q: How old do you have to be to join?
A: Anyone 18 or older or 13 or older with parental consent.

Q: Is this available worldwide?
A: Yes, anyone can join. More discounts will be available worldwide in the future, but you can invite friends now!

Q: How much can you earn by inviting friends to The Customer Advantage?
A: There is no limit to how much you can earn. Use This Calculator

Q: What is the basic compensation plan?
A: Above the 50% you save you can earn 5% down 5 levels on your entire group. See calculator above for details.

Q: Do you offer support and help members build their group?
A: Absolutely, As your Team Leader I offer free advertising as well as a support center just for our team. Visit our free support center here.

The Customer Service Advantage Free Membership Benefit Overview

The Customer Advantage provides all members the opportunity to save 50% of more at local businesses in their area including restaurants, spas, healthclubs, auto service, entertainment, travel, and just about anything you can think of!

Not only can you invite all your friends and family to join and get paid when they save, but you can also invite local businesses to participate and earn when members save at businesses you are responsible for inviting.

If that's not enough, if a business you invited invites all their customers or even other businesss they become part of your group too! There is no limit to how large your group can become!

People love The Customer Advantage because everyone loves to save money. Businesses love us because they can get guaranteed customers without any out of pocket expense!

This truely is a win-win-win for customers and businesses alike.

As your Team Leader I am always available to help you.

Zac Hawkins
Team Leader
The Customer Service Advantage Team
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