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A big idea starts with the thoughts of caring, intelligent people that want to tackle a challenging social problem and bring about positive change. The big idea that Club Asteria was founded on was the brainchild of Andrea Lucas, Managing Director, whose years with the World Bank and other global ventures defined what she wanted to accomplish to benefit the people of the world. Andrea is very proud of her time spent at the World Bank and her contributions to their world- wide mission. We have taken the opportunity to present a letter prepared by the World Bank describing the period of time and the position that Andrea held at the World Bank. Andrea’s time in traveling the world on behalf of these global ventures helped her to understand the plight of so many underserved people of the world. Club Asteria is the culmination of all of these experiences.

The big idea is always difficult to understand, visualize and perceive in the beginning. It’s not how things have been done in the past, so it’s hard to accept. Little by little that big idea grows in momentum as more and more people benefit from it and can visualize that it is something that will bring about a positive conclusion to the problem at hand. Through the evolution of the Internet ordinary people from all walks of life are able to reach out and band together for a common cause. With the help of all of these ordinary people from around the world, Club Asteria is harnessing the energy, purchasing power and creativity of its members to solve the problem of ending the cycle of poverty. Club Asteria sees itself as the vehicle to tackle this very problem that governments, financial institutions and large corporations have failed for generations to solve.

The big idea is to change the way we do business, to not give the power to the large corporations but back to the people that need it and deserve it. The simple idea behind Club Asteria is to help all of our members earn extra income. We do this by harnessing the power of the Internet and allowing each of our members to establish income opportunities using their websites. Club Asteria
creates these websites for our members and then fills them with powerful tools to help our members become the best network Internet marketers that they can be. We are able to offer massive value in both products and services at a fraction of the cost because of the huge number of members that we have. Our financial services of storing, managing and transferring funds throughout the world via mobile phones could only be made available because all of us being able to band together in huge numbers.

Club Asteria has been in the creation for many years, but in reality it just pre-launched this year. In the previous months we have attracted tens of thousands of people that are joining our mission and seeing our vision for the world. Our goal at Club Asteria is to reward the trust of each and every one of our members with the benefits that they will receive. We have met and exceeded every commitment and promise that we have made and will continue to do that in the future. We have made a positive contribution to the world with the donations that we have been able to make to help needy families provide food, health care, shelter and education to their families. We have donated to projects to provide fresh water by digging wells, and improve equipment for farming and delivery of products. We have provided micro credit loans to entrepreneurs all over the world. We will continue to support all of these endeavors to help the underserved people of the world.

It is easy to join an organization once it has a 20 year proven track record. The promise that Club Asteria makes is that we will work as hard as we possibly can to deliver the full service and benefits to our members and to the world that needs us. Our commitment to deliver income opportunities, assist in creating extra income, transfer funds worldwide and share our revenue is what each and every one of the Directors of Club Asteria is committed to. The trust and confidence that so many tens of thousands of people have given us is a wonderful start to creating the dream of making the world a better place for all of us.

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