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The key to your free advertising page here is going to be driving tons of free targeted traffic to it. I'm going to show you how in very simple instructions and then show you all of the different categories you can place ads on.

Do you want 1000s of visitors to read your Free Ad each month?

This will only take you a minute to read, and will make all the difference in just how successful your free ads are. Here is a brief outline of the points I'm going to touch on in these advertising instructions.

The beauty is the more ads that are posted here, the more general traffic our free advertising site gets and the more all advertisers benefit from the free traffic!

  • Your title and keyword importance.
  • Uploading a picture and it's caption.
  • Choosing your keyword and weaving it through your ad naturally.
  • Putting links in your ad.
  • Linking to your advertisement.
  • Writing good sales copy.
  • Setting your optional email notification settings.

Your Ad Title

The first thing we need to discuss is your title and keyword importance. Notice the url in your browser for this page ends with free-advertising.html. That's this page's keyword. When you build your ad, the title you give it becomes it's keyword.

It should include part of the main categories keyword, or be related to it in some way. For instance, if you advertise in our network marketing category, your ad and the site or service you are promoting should have something to do with network marketing.

Say you have a work at home opportunity. You don't want to entitle your ad "work at home", there is simply too much competition. It will be much easier if you choose a title/keyword that is related to working at home.

Use googles free keyword tool Click the link and it will open the tool in a new window, then enter a keyword related to your online opportunity.

Scroll down the list to related searches which have less competition. (less green in the bar) You can also retype one of the high competition results into the tool for less competitive alternatives. Simply choose one related to your business op, and then make it your title/keyword focus.

Your Image & It's Caption

You definitely want to take advantage of your upload an image option. Even if it's just a picture of yourself. But preferably something related to your ad content. JPEG pictures work the best.

Then you need to put your keyword or something related to it in the caption title. This effectively becomes the image's alt tag. (don’t worry if you don't know what that is.)

Long Tail Keyword Ads

Most of your traffic is going to come from long tail keyword traffic. Long tail keywords are searches done by typing 3 or more words in the search box. Ex. "the best free advertising online". Long tail keywords are much easier to rank high with the search engines than main keywords like simply "advertising".

When writing your ad, try to weave your title keyword or a variation of it at least a couple of times without making your sales copy sound funny. Think how I'm writing these instructions right now, notice my keyword and variations of it throughout the page?

Now here's how this will become easier for you. You can continue to add more content to your ad anytime you want by simply using the comment feature on your ad.

At a bare minimum I suggest you add something every week or so. This will provide fresh content for the engines, and more long tail keyword traffic. (plus encourage readers to make comments or ask questions.)

Putting Clickable Links in Your Ad

Putting a clickable link in your free advertising page is easy, you just need to put your full website address in between the quotes in this piece of code, and then put what ever you want your link to say.

Ex. Click here for easy work at home income, Click here for simple work at home income details, etc. Notice I put work at home in the link text? You defnitely want to put your keyowrd in the link text! Here is the code:

<A HREF="" target="_blank">Go to</A>

Copy and paste this code in your advertisement preferrably towards the end after you've written some good content. Fact is, you might want to save this code on your computer in a notepad on your desktop or in your documents.

Just replace my website's address with yours, and the go to internet work marketing to your keyword phrase. Here is what the above code looks like after it's inserted on a page. Click on it, see how it directs you to the home page here?

Go to

The easiest way to insert your address is open a new window viewing your website. Then copy the entire address you see in your browser window including the http and put it between the quotes. This will ensure you don't forget part of it.

Add what you want it to say, click here etc. and your all set. (Try to put your keyword in the clickable text)

Linking to Your Free Advertisement Page

Here is something you don't want to overlook. If you have your own website, you want to put a link to your ad somewhere on that website. This will add link popularity to your ad driving more traffic to it.

Fact is, if you have written any articles, or post on forums related to your niche, (both of which you should be doing) Add a link to your bio section at the end of articles you've already written. You should be able to easily edit them and add the link. Also start putting your ad link to your signature (sig) on forum posts, along with your website link of course.

Not only will you receive some traffic from the links, but more importantly you will add link popularity to your ads and create some buzz around the web.

Writing Good Sales Copy

OK, this is really important, but not as difficult as you might think. Hopefully you are advertising something you know and are passionate about, right?

Just remember, you are preselling not hard selling in your advertisement. Explain why you like your product or website subject. But don't be pushy.

Put your reader in mind. What would they probably want to know about your offer, or why did they search and end up on your advertisement to begin with. This will help you form the content of your ad.

Talk to your reader not at them. Keep your sentences concise and no more than 3-5 sentences per paragraph with a line of "white" space in between them.

I recommend 100 word minimum to start with. You can always add more content later, and in fact should be. Your comments and others will be set to put the newest to the top right under your original ad. Which brings us to the next issue.

Setting Your Optional Email Notifications

Setting your email preference to receive notification of when your free ad has been approved and goes live,(usually within the hour) and when anyone comments or asks you a question is a great feature we offer.

We in no way would ever sell or give your email to anyone for any reason. I hate spam and simply won't allow it. You won't be added to my email or newsletter lists either. You have to enter that separately yourself on their specific forms if you want to receive either of them.

Free Advertising Guidelines

Keep it real. Be honest. Take a second to proof read your ad. And continue to add more content and write more ads as we continually add more categories.

Don't put the same ad in different categories, this dilutes it's value and will decrease traffic. Always put original content on your ad, and never copy someone else's content.

I must also say, no adult content allowed, or unscrupulous schemes. If anyone comments on your page with inappropriate content, just let me know. We can edit any page or comment, and in rare cases of abuse, ban anyone from commenting.

Ready? Here are the topics, keep checking back, I add more all the time.

To your success,

Advertising Categories

Special Note: Your ad needs enough content to be found by search engines! (100 word minimum recommended.) Then continue to add fresh content and updates periodically with the blog comment feature.

Network Marketing

This is a broad category. Anything relating to doing business online fits here. Particularly any online business opportunities, affiliate programs you are involved with etc.
Go to network marketing ad form

Get Paid To Programs (gpt)

Anything relating to getting paid online works here. Getting paid to click,surf,view ads,surveys etc. are perfect, although nearly any online income program fits this category.
Go To get paid to ad form

Lottery Discussion Forum

Learn how to play the lottery online free and also play on ton's of tickets without having to buy them! This is one of the hottest business opportunities online, our lottery pool system is a member of the Ft. Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce.
Go to the Online Lottery Discussion Forum

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most important aspects of doing business online. Share your email campaigns with my readers here. Be sure to check out my free email marketing videos here too.
Go to email marketing ad form.

Marketing Strategy

People searching for a marketing strategy are likely involved in online businesses already. Anything relating to your marketing business, your particular strategies, or affiliate programs relating to making money online would fit here.
Go to marketing strategy ad form

Marketing Business

Advertise your online business or promote a home marketing opportunity here.
Go to home marketing business ad form

Ebook Marketing

Selling information products is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you don't have any ebooks to sell, check out my package of over 200 for less than 15 cents apiece on this page and advertise them here!
Go to ebook marketing ad form

Multi Level Marketing

If your involved in MLM here's the place to advertise your business op. if you not, check out the company I promote on this page as the easiest way to get started. Then advertise it here. (Be sure to tell your downline!)
Go to MLM free advertising form

Web Hosting

If you have your own website, then you have a web host. Nearly all have an affiliate program you can promote here. If you don't have a site yet, check out my recommended best hosting company and let others know how much you like it here.
Go to web hosting ad form


Have some niche market sites or a minisite affiliate program like the one I recommend on this page? Advertise it here. Anything relating to minisites or niche markets works here.
Go to minisites ad form

Marketing Website

This is my about me page, but it's keyword is internet marketing website since that is what my personal story relating to this business is. You can advertise your website here, anything relating to the internet, online, websites, marketing, etc. fits here.
Go to internet website ad form

Work From Home

My work from home page attracts those interested in a work from home business, and those who are building one. This is an extremely popular topic. Anything related to working from home online works great here.
Go to work from home ad form

Ezines and Newsletters

This is my marketing secrets ezine sign up page. You can advertise your ezine or newsletter here too!
Go to ezine and newsletter ad form

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Maybe you offer spots on your newsletters or websites. Let our readers know about it!

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