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Data Network Affiliates (DNA)is a FREE work at home business opportunity.

1. It is Free to join-doesn't cost you a penny. Yes, you can upgrade but do not have to. The income examples that are given are for the free aspect.

2. You write down the license plates of 20 cars or trucks and submit them. This is once monthly. When you go to the grocery store or the mall you can complete this in less than ten minutes!

3. You can build your own network of "taggers" and have the potential to make a six figure income. FREE

I am sure you know plenty of people that can use this free income opportunity. Heck, everyone I know wants more income. College students, unemployed, underemployed the current economic climate have everyone looking for income opportunities. You be the one to show them the way.

Take a free tour--

Please check out the resume of the people behind this company. This is a well organized business and is here to stay. This was important to me.

Unless you have a better way to a six figure income, take action, what do you have to lose? It's FREE!

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The DNA Executive Power Team
by: tony williams

Please go to the home page and read the about us and see who is behind this great opportunity. These are real people who have already made a name for themselves and now are here to help us all.

Mr. Dean Blechman one of the most respected names in Corporate America on 03/01/2010 will disclose "THE FULL D.N.A. PICTURE"... When you receive the complete details D.N.A. will go down in HISTORY as the biggest GAME CHANGER for the average person to succeed in their own business...

And how much will it cost to join and promote this "LIFE CHANGING OPPORTUNITY" 100% FREE... 100% FREE... 100% FREE...
With "EIGHT" streams of income where people can earn thousands and more without parting with one penny of money and by just collecting data on 20 car tags and teaching others to do the same...

Yes... We will try to upsell everyone to an OPTIONAL $29.97 monthly system... WHY IS THIS NOT MANDATORY FROM DAY ONE? Because Mr. Blechman knew that about 20 out of every 100 Americans can not afford $29.97 a month. And he did not want to leave anyone behind...

also part of the team:
Arthur Kurek As Its President & Founder:
Donald Kessler As Its VP Of Marketing & Founder:

* Was VP of Corporate Development of Hardwicke Group Of Companies. Taking many start up companies to Mega-Success. Some of which are household names such as Benihana, Tavern On The Green, Great Adventure Amusement Park & Studio 54. Don was instrumental in the publicity campaign which launched Nu-Skin International.

Anthony Sasso As Chief Data Consultant to the Board:

* Anthony aka The King Of Data For Dollars is currently owner of the largest database of text numbers in the world. Over 120 million in the U.S.A. alone.

The DNA Executive Power Team
by: tony w

I know allot of people have a hard time believing this will work. please do your research and see who is being this great opportunity.

Dean Blechman As Its Chief Executive Officer, Chairman Of The Board & Founder:

* Mr. Blechman is part of the founding family of TWIN LAB, one of the most successful and respected nutritional supplement businesses to date. In his 24 years of service to TWIN LAB, Mr. Blechman helped build the company into an industry and global leader.

* In the early 1990’s Mr. Blechman served as Director and Board Member of the National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA). Mr. Blechman was a key strategist and lobbyist for the NNFA and was influential in the team that was responsible for the passage in 1994 of the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act through the United States Congress and Senate. This bill still stands today as one of the most important pieces of legislation in the Health Food and Natural Food Supplement Industry.
* In 1998 Mr. Blechman was honored by Ernst & Young with the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A tribute to him based on his great vision and the leadership he contributed to TWIN LAB over the years.
* Mr. Blechman is currently an owner and director of an MLM company called Ideal Health aka The Trump Network. From 2007 – 2008 he also served as it’s CEO. Mr. Blechman was instrumental in introducing Donald Trump to Ideal Health.

Arthur Kurek As Its President & Founder:

* Arthur M. Kurek joined Amalgamated Life in 1972. He has held various positions within Amalgamated Life and its affiliates. Currently, he is the president of Alicomp, an outsourcing information technology company and a senior vice president of Amalgamated Life. Prior to joining Amalgamated Life, Mr. Kurek was with Empire Blue Cross and Mobil Oil Corporation.
* Mr. Kurek was involved in the creation and daily management of Manhattan's first and only business recovery facility, which opened in June 1989. Eventually, this venture turned into a joint effort between Alicomp and Comdisco. Between 1989 and 1996, he had personally supervised six disaster recoveries and also published several articles for the American Management Association based on those experiences. Presently, he focuses on the day-to-day management of Alicomp's outsourcing information technology product lines.
* Mr. Kurek has a Bachelor of Arts in economics and accounting from the City University of New York, and conducted postgraduate work at the College of Insurance for four years. He earned a Master of Business Administration for working executives from DePaul University in 1981.

Anthony Sasso As Chief Data Consultant to the Board:

* Anthony aka The King Of Data For Dollars is currently owner of the largest database of text numbers in the world. Over 120 million in the U.S.A. alone.

I love this one!
by: Lynn

OVER 30,000 SIGN UPS IN 12 days

Get In Now BEFORE Launch on Mar 1st. This is a simple Data Collecting Service. All you have to do is write down 20 license
plate numbers each month and send the list into this company and they pay you $2, additionally you get $2 for every person in your downline that does the same!!!


Get a few hundred in your downline and well let's do some math:

If you got 5 members, who each got 5 members,
down through 6 levels your income

would be: 1st level 5 X $2 = $10 per month
2nd level would be 25 X $2 = $50 per month
3rd level would be 125 X $2 = $250 per month
4th level would be 625 X $2 = $1,250 per month
5th level would be 3,125 X $2 = $$6,250 per month
6th level would be 15,625 X $2 = $31,250 per month

Total Income adding all 6 levels = $39,060 per month

You have nothing to lose--it is FREE

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