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DNA Vitamin

by Paul

Welcome to Genewize. This Business is for people who want to be healthy and let everyone know about this fantastic DNA testing to find out what your body needs for vitamins, rather than guessing at a store, or a businesses that does not offer DNA testing. Which one would you pick, DNA testing or Guessing? Of course DNA testing will tell the truth about what your body needs. Please watch our videos and it will help explain why DNA is important. Vitamins will help improve your sleep, energy, less pain, more strength, and much more. There are so many vitamins we are missing in our body. Please look at the list of vitamins that Genewize have in their products.


Simple Cheek Swab Testing for your DNA results and it will be sent to the lab. They will tell you what vitamins you need and customize it – especially made for you. The results are amazing because it also shows your parents defective genes , both postive or negative for genetic health problems. This has helped a lot of people’s health and there are many positive stories about their improvements in health.
This allows you to receive your LifeMap Nutrition™ System for FREE … Please See Below!
Double your discount with every referral;

Customer Program ……….
1st Customer Enrolled : Receive a 10% personal product discount the following month.
2nd Customer Enrolled : Receive a 25% personal product discount the following month.
3rd Customer Enrolled : Receive a 50% personal product discount the following month.
4th Customer Enrolled : Receive your product FREE the following month.
With 4 enrolled customers ordering LifeMap Systems each month, your product is free for life!

Business Overview

Breakthrough Creates Big Buzz in Wellness…Make This Genetic Breakthrough Your Breakthrough!
You hold in your hands an opportunity as unique as you are. GeneWize is leading the way in genetically customized aging solutions giving you the opportunity to turn this front-runner business into a business that not only makes a difference for all those you touch, but for you and your family. This is your time to profit in health from this sea of change underway while you profit financially by building a business around it. The time for growth is right now. Make the most of this time; make the most of this business; make the most of who you are!
You can earn income several ways with your GeneWize business.

1. Retail Sales:

When customers purchase the LifeMap Nutrition™ or Skin Care System, you’ll earn a profit which can be earned month after month on product re orders.

2. Two-Team Bonus:

When you enroll other Affiliates, they are placed into either your left sales team or your right sales team. You can earn 10% – 20% of the total business volume on your pursuit (smaller) team. It doesn’t matter what level the volume comes from, you still receive 10% – 20% of the total pursuit team business volume.

3. Matching Bonus:

At the end of each pay period you can receive a matching check bonus as much as 40% of the sales team income of all the Affiliates you have personally enrolled. You can also earn this matching bonus on the Affiliates they personally enrolled up to 4 generations.

4. Incentives and Company Pools:

The company also offers incentives and shares in bonus pools based on performance and rank.
Call our Opportunity Hotline and take a quick 2-minute listen: 877-263-6949

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