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Do you know what every woman uses daily? What about Babies"

by Kelly A. Staley
(Falling Waters, WV, USA)

Profile of a Winalite Sannitary Pad

Profile of a Winalite Sannitary Pad

My story,

Vision this...Sitting at my computer, going through my e-mail to gain more “points” so I may share my offer to others when low and behold I opened this one that caught my attention. Winalite (US0019642).

Okay I thought this has great potential! I mean I’m a woman and have to go through that “monthly event” that most women despise! (Men ~ Take my word or ask any woman!) I mean once a month women have only two real options, Sanitary Pads or Tampons. (Stop Laughing, you’ll understand what I mean)

Not talking of any specific brands, because really they are all the same!

Women will agree that the options are less than to be desired! So what is so special about Winalite? First and foremost, this pad can absorb at least 2 ounces of water and still remain DRY!! The pad is super thin! (Almost like you are not wearing one) They come in a package that is re-sealable and biodegradable. Here are some benefits about the pad, first it is total sealed and never touched by humans until YOU open it, the “LoveMon” is the flagship product for Winalite International that has the only Anion Strip built into the 7 layer sanitary pad that offers Dry, air permeable, comfortable experience. Yet is the only sanitary product on the market that is in compliance with hygiene standards and the prevention of infection.

Since I was introduced to Winalite I regret the opportunity to have to use anything other than Winalite. I hate that bulky feeling us women experience every month. Now I know there is another option, and that is the Tampon. Frankly, many do not like the dirty feeling that is necessary for insertion, and the natural process is for the bleeding to flow naturally, not to be stopped then absorbed and remain inside the body at body temperature
that increased a women chance of infection. (Yuck, Who wants that!)

Now Winalite BabyCare Diapers, I’m sure we all can agree not all diapers are created equally, right? Some like discount diapers, others may be faithful to a specific brand and will not stray. But here is a question, would you consider a diaper that may prevent diaper rash (without cream), protect your baby’s skin, reduce bacteria, odors and keep your baby’s skin fresh. More benefits include an ultra-thin absorption layer is super soft & comfortable that has a unique rapid-absorption polymers that help keeps your baby’s skin dry and comfortable with a breathable outer layer that lets air circulate but keeps liquid locked in place and of course Velcro sides that allows for your baby to move freely!

Now, I have to admit this meant absolutely nothing to me before personally using Winalite BabyCare diapers but, the diapers are unique in that the diapers include active ingredients to include Tea poluphenols, Tea saponin Squalence and Omega 9 therefore, all of them give the benefits of antioxidants, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, that is rich in nutrients, moisturizers anti-rash. An added benefit id the Omega 9 is known for boosting immunity and promotes healthy skin. As far as the biodegradable of the diaper I have not clearly heard but I have the question in to the office.
With this, I know you see the value of the product or opportunity for more information please contact me!

Kelly Staley is a Winalite Independent Distributor expert who shares an innovated product for women and babies who want a better quality product that in known to reduce odor, strengthen your immunity system and enhance hormonal balance. Now she is revealing how absorbent Winalite is vs, “traditional” sanitary pads, healthier and cost effective. Go to (US0019642). to get additional free information so that will have you a healthier experience with every use.

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