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Get Paid to watch ads, free membership and build a business from home!

by Robert Blank
(United Kingdom)

Watch the video here:

Watch the video here:

Do you want to start to build your own online business and have got no money to invest? Stop right here because we have here your chance to do it! Install your own customised toolbar, fill in your profile of what interests you and off you go, watch ads and get paid for it. You can earn money from it 7!! Levels down by referring.

The Beauty about this program is that it is completely free and nobody is going to ask for any investment, EVER.
Have you tried that endless stream of programs that promise you all sorts if you just pay $10, $50 or $100 first and then financial freedom awaits you behind the next door?

Yep, but not anymore.

I agree if you want to improve and learn more skills to get higher on the ladder, self improvement and personal development (personal growth the experts call it) is in many ways vital together with a healthy dose of effort, persistence and determination.
But many of us simply don?t have the money to splash out on expensive courses, ad words, Google clicks etc.

This free membership of I5 is for life and you can do anything you want with it, just watch ads and make some nice money or you can help others do the same and earn from them as well!

I?ll tell you a bit about the reason behind this program. Every day we are exposed to ads even if we don?t want to, on the radio, on the street, on the TV, in the paper; it is everywhere. I am watching them either I want it or not. Do I get paid for it..... NOPE.
Now what if you CAN get paid to watch them and at a time when it is convenient to you?

I Would!

The advertiser is happy, he gets his targeted audience and for a cheaper price. Do you know who is clicking on your ads when you are placed on the right side of a page? It could be a 13 year old clicking the night away but you as the advertiser still pay click per ad.

And here it doesn?t stop by just talking to friends and family and getting them to sign up, on this site you will find an abundance of info, tools and strategies to make it work for you even more. There is a forum where you can ask questions and get help, I can only say now it the best time to do it!
Sign up here: Get Paid To Watch Ads Join Here Free

Comments for Get Paid to watch ads, free membership and build a business from home!

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by: Anonymous

Sorry Anonymous this program is terminated and thus does no longer exist anymore.


no site to register
by: Anonymous

where to register

Aha, i see what you mean
by: Robert

I thought you were talking about the bottom link, but its the link where it says watch the video!!
Picked the wrong tinyurl from my list:
It should be this one: : Register here.

Thanks for the correction!!

you absolutely can, but...
by: Anonymous

Yes you can send them to the I5 site, but they could miss out on all the powerbar club offers. If you send them to powerbar club, they are automatically signed in to invite 5 as well, but also have the free tools that powerbar club offers website page, training, webinars, etc.)

Tell me.............
by: Robert

And can you tell me why i can't send people to the I5 site

good job
by: Anonymous

good stuff. couldn't have said it better myself. But your advertising the I5 site, if you have powerbar, you should direct potential contacts to the powerbar site.

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