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Hurry Up!!!Founder Position Closes Dec31st!!!THIS IS HUGE

Royal Cruise Matrix (RCM) is a new opportunity that was recently launched on Nov. 9th centered around the world's largest cruise ship.

Founder?s positions available Till Dec 31st ONLY!!

1. RCM is new; only 7,200 lifetime members, but climbing fast (currently 3 weeks old). TVI has an established database of 500,000+ lifetime members since Jan 09,RCM will do the same or more.

2. It?s $100 one-time to join RCM vs. $275 to join TVI; both are one-time lifetime fees with no monthly.

3. NO SPONSORING is required in RCM to qualify (so it?s possible to get paid on spillover alone just by buying your position into the forced 2X3 matrix) TVI requires everyone to sponsor a minimum of 2 people in order to get paid, but sponsoring is not required in RCM, but more advantageous to sponsor people.

4. RCM pays a Matching Bonus ? a $10,000 bonus is paid to the personal sponsor of someone who completes the 3rd tier... everytime anyone earns $25,000, their personal sponsor earns $10,000. There is NO matching bonus in TVI.

5. The Boards DON?T split in RCM like they do in TVI. In RCM, you never lose any sponsorship ties with anyone in your entire organization. In TVI, the boards split after every cycle.

6. RCM?s Comp Plan is based on the World?s Largest Cruise Ship. It costs $1,000 (and up) to take a cruise on this ship. On the other hand, TVI is based on resorts. For the many excited about resorts may want to take the cruise on this ship; as an RCM affiliate, you offer cruise discounts that earn free cruises. This cruise ship is here to stay as people are taking two and three positions because positions are not transferable.

7. RCM?s program is much easier with a more elaborate compensation
plan that?s moving faster(1,800 new signups in the last 5 days); there?s a good chance it will match (and exceed) TVI success.

Here?s my affiliate link for you to signup
right away:

If anyone reading this could travel back to when Microsoft first launched with the opportunity of acquiring a Founder's Position for a mere one-time payment of $100 and nothing else, you'd do it in a heartbeat! This is giving you the opportunity to become a Founder with the "Microsoft" of the "Cruise/Travel industry" for a one-time lifetime fee?so make sure that you bookmark/copy this
site address so that you can come back to secure your Founder's Position before Dec 31st, 2009 deadline for a one- time $100.

Over 500,000 members in TVI since Jan 09 which says a lot, but RCM is brand new with only 7,200 members since Nov 9,2009, but the number keeps changing. RCM is has an opportunity for newcomer's to get massive spillover from the forced 2x3 Matrix once 500,000+ members join. RCM includes a matching bonus and the boards never split after cycles, all 3 boards will be running simultaneously after momentum begins. It?s only $100 vs $250; in a bad economy
it makes a difference.

"This" "is" "the Ship" you want to jump on to get yourself out of this drowning economy forever! Over 200 people have been
coming aboard everyday to become Founders; the Top 3,000 Shareholders of Microsoft are millionaires several times over!

Enough said...Get in now or you will want to shoot yourself in the head five months (or five years from now) for not taking advantage of this Awesome Opportunity!

My Affiliate link is below...take another look at the video of the new cruise ship that's about to set sail in January

Take your position as a Founder:

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