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Kid With a Behavior Problem?

by Steve Barancik
(virtually everywhere!)

Children's Behavior eBooks

Children's Behavior eBooks

Throughout history, parents have improved children's behavior and taught moral lessons using the magic of storytelling.

Well, guess what? Our culture is now AWASH in storytelling...and the stories teach NOTHING.

Or at least, nothing good.

That's why I've written the Children's Behavior eBooks!

Do you have a child with a behavior issue?

Of course you do. Kids are born with behavior issues, and it's a parent's job to help them grow out of them.

My books harness the power of old-fashioned storytelling to alter behavior. (Using books to help children struggling with behavioral problems and emotional issues is called bibliotherapy. How does it work?

Well, the stories read like picture book stories. Each one depicts a child suffering from a particular, common behavior problem.

And when I say, "suffering," I mean it! The child in the story experiences negative consequences from his/her bad behavior. In other words...

Your kid won't want to turn out like the kid in the book.

Making the problem about some other kid

Have you ever noticed that when you try to correct your child's behavior simply with words, you encounter resistance?

That's because you've just challenged your child's ego. No one likes to be told what to do, even children.

My Children's Behavior eBooks take ego out of the equation by making the problem about some other kid. The kid in the book.

That's one reason they can work like magic!

Reinforcing learning with repetition

The other reason the books work so well is that they encourage repetition of the message.

When we talk about "rote" learning, we're referring to hammering a message home! Any marketing expert will tell you that repeat exposure to a message increases the likelihood of a sale.

Well, you're trying to sell your child on good behavior. Repeating the message of here's what happens with bad behavior can be tricky. (Nagging isn't a good selling method. It just makes people stop listening!)

The trick I use with the books is that while they read like picture books they're completely unillustrated. Why?

So that you're child can be assigned the fun job of illustrating them him/herself. Every time the child returns to color one of the pages, it's another repetition of the book's important message!

It becomes learning that your child chooses to do. The most effective kind!

You'll find behavior books about


difficulty being alone

difficultly sleeping alone

poor cooperative play skills


picky eating

not cleaning up after oneself


(And I'm writing more all the time. Keep checking my behaviors page for new books!)

What qualifies me to write the Children's Behavior eBooks?

I've spent most of my adult life writing stories professionally. I've written for the movies, for magazines, and for performance onstage. (Feel free to read my writer's bio.)

I've taught. I've been a foster father and a Big Brother.

I know how to spin a good story, and I know how to direct it to children.

I think you'll find my Children's Behavior eBooks affordably priced and an effective new tool for your parental toolbox. I hope you'll give them a try!

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Childrens Behavior Ebooks
by: Zac


Well, all I have to say is anyone looking for great children's behavior resources just struck gold finding your ebooks!

I am very glad you added this information for the visitors to my site.

Please feel free to share any of your resources here. And btw, your welcome to join in discussions at the forums too. ;)

Best wishes,
Site Administrator

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