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Pop Under Ads

by Zac

Pop Under Ads

Pop Under Ads

What Pop Under Ads Are & How To Use Them

First of all if you're paying more than $10 for 10,000 pop under ads your paying too much. I'm going to show you how to use a pop under campaign and also where to get the most bang for your buck.

Webmasters can get paid a commission for allowing pop under ads underneath their websites so their visitors will see the page after they leave their site.

Many websites use their own unique salespages as a pop under to generate more sales from their own visitors. It is pretty common and much less annoying that pop up ads, or those are you sure you want to leave my website pop ups. (yes I want to leave or I won't have hit the X out! LOL)

Now, let's be up front here. Pop unders are not going to convert worth squat. That's why they are so cheap. Be aware of the pricing I quoted to start with, many sites resale this traffic for double or triple the price after buying it from suppliers like I use.

OK, so since they don't convert worth a dang, how are they effective?

Well, first of all if you have a product or service that has mass appeal they can convert well enough to have a positive return on investment. (ROI) If just one sale for example nets you more than the 10 bucks you pay for 10k views then it is worth your investment.

However 1 sale out of 10k isn't a sure bet, or enough to establish an average you could expect on an ongoing basis.

But let's just say after several campaigns you convert enough to more than pay the cost
then it is worth it to you not to mention the traffic stats you are establishing.

You see the traffic you get from pop under ads is real traffic as in full webpage views. Alexa will show this traffic in your stats.

So, are there other ways to utilize the traffic as far as popularity goes? Well I'm not going to give out all my secrets, (I do in my free newsletter. LOL) but I will give you some food for thought.

What can you think of that would benefit greatly from the traffic as far as popularity? How about links you have that point to your site. Can you think of some of your incoming links that would benefit greatly from the boost in traffic rank?

I certainly can and as a matter of fact I use pop under ads to put my incoming links and promotional pages outside of this website to attract tons of attention to those links and pages which in turn DO drive tons of targeted traffic to this site.

Ok, that's all I'm going to share with you for now on this subject, but I hope it has given you some things to think about when considering using pop unders in your advertising mix.

Oh, as a bonus just for reading this, I'm going to turn you on to an easy way to send up to a million visitors to your site. Granted it's not as targeted as SE traffic, but hey one million visitors for Free, are you kidding me? And with just a few minutes of work, check this out, and as always your welcome. :)

Best wishes,
Site Administrator
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Excellent provider in popunder
by: Anonymous I found is the excellent CPV provider, great opportunity for webmaster to earn money from their website, I was referred to this website thru one of my friend, at first I was very much concern for not using pop code in my website, as I always had impression they annoy website visitor, but when I added eDomz pop code, I was quite impressed, when I checked myself, it does not annoy website visitor at all, since it opens advertiser website on a new window, not on top, where my visitor get annoy, without annoying my website visitor, I can earn good money, I am so impressed and getting paid every month

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