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Is Powerbarclub scam? What is it? How does it work.? How do I make money with it? Why would any individual or large organization love to have it? Where is the potential of earning money without investing a dime?

Well, let me explain it to you in a way that I see it and keeping it easy enough for any one to relate to.

Let's first divide it into two parts, which by the way, one by itself will be useless without the other part working and interacting together. Let's call them part A and part B.

Part A. (The audience or users)

Users will download the Powerbarclub tool bar that will generate ads at their request for them to view and rate.

Your goal as an user is to perform this task daily that will take you approximate 5 min, every time you view an ad, you get paid. Next, users will want to share their toolbar with everyone since you earn from the clicks that everyone in your team does, up to seven levels.

Users are not limited to it share with just individuals, they can also share it with small and large organizations, private or non-profit. This for me is powerful. Think about this, lots of organizations have a large number of subscribers, followers, etc.

Getting one of these companies under you could change your life over night!

Best part of all is absolutely 100% free for every one, no hidden fees ever.

Part B. (The advertisers)

Every one from users to large companies will be able to advertise to a better selected tageted audience ( Part A), for only 10 cents. But that's not all, besides broadcasting their ads to this selected group, advertsers will also have the option to send their ads to a specific demographic area of their choice.

Compare this, if you as an advertiser had 2 choices. first one is to broadcast an ad on tv or magazine or
wherever it doesn't matter, and show it to let's say five hundred thousand people and let's not even worry about how much it will cost. I guess it's safe to say that maybe 10% tops out of that half mil people may be interested in that ad.

Your second choice is to broadcast the very same ad to let's say fifty thousand people that have opted in to view and rate this type of product for only 10 cents, which option would you choose or think would be more effective? I'd definite go with the second one.

Now that you have a better understanding of what your roll as an user will be and where the money is coming from, let me get you into a few details.

What do I mean by a better targeted audience, well, every user(Part A), will fill out a form and select a few topics of their particular interest. This makes it attratctive for the users to rate this ads because they chose these categories.

Hey think about this, everyone in the world is forced to view, read, watch some type of ad, from the time we get up, brush our teeth, drive to work, you name it, all day long. So why not view the ads that we want and better yet, get paid by doing so?

Let's recap, users will have a desire of rating these ads because they will get paid and have some interest for them. Advertisers will benefit tremendously from this, getting a feedback from users rating their ads will give them an idea on how to improve them and making them more effective or productive.

Now, let's focus a little on why would any company want to be part of this.

- We already know it's 100% FREE. (Forever), for them and their users.

Feel free to leave any comments, questions. We're here to help

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