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Support Yourself AND Your Favorite Cause Right From Your PC

by Michelle Brossia

Working Has Never Felt This Good

Working Has Never Felt This Good

If ever there was a risk-free, no cost opportunity to work from a homebased setting and truly make a difference in supporting a cause or group close to your heart, this is it!

Join me and tune in to tonites webinar (WED 3/10/10 6:00 pm PST). It may be the most rewarding position you have ever invested in.


Comments for Support Yourself AND Your Favorite Cause Right From Your PC

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How long ?
by: Walter

Hey Michelle,

No,you're not naive maybe a little bit unexperienced....but Rome wasn't build in a day.
That's the only reason why I am hanging in here in this bizar PBC / Discover5 adventure ...

''However, once the new landing pages are up and they are able to see other large non-profit organizations participating, the crediblility of the program itself will open doors to many more.

I can't say this enough. Call me naive if you'd like, but earning enough to pay the bills while truly making a difference in the lives of so many in need...that, would be a dream job! ''

is the conclusion of your last post ...once they are up ... we'll see and our money will start pouring in ! And then I will be the first in line to give away a part for those in need, no sweat.

Wake me up when ''the moment is there'' Thanks !

Ps I will be posting another super deal on these pages : stay tuned and join me soon,you won't regret it !

Staying the Course
by: Michelle

Hi Errol and Walter,

Your comments are understandable and appreciated.

For me, I continue to push forward because I honesty believe in the i5 process and the overall benefit this application offers so many.

For as impatient and frustrated as I myself have been at times with the delays, I wholeheartedly embrace the direction the developers are headed. This is a wonderful opportunity to earn yourself, help a cause (if you so choose...and I do) and have access to lifesaving alerts to help safeguard our children.

In my opinion, more people will join "because" of such additions. As a survivor myself, I have approached cancer related non-profit organizations for months believing in this system to support their cause. I even have one onboard who is inactive at this point. However, once the new landing pages are up and they are able to see other large non-profit organizations participating, the crediblility of the program itself will open doors to many more.

I can't say this enough. Call me naive if you'd like, but earning enough to pay the bills while truly making a difference in the lives of so many in need...that, would be a dream job!

Warm Regards,

O f c o u r s e I agree !
by: Walter

Hey Errol,

Sure do I agree ( see previous posts below )!

I have been working ..s off for six months now .
Just like you only one add to ''promote'' The initial promises (live ads etc) were for Christmas , you know that ! Then it was Haiti, then this , then that...I have as told before 80 000 members ( orgs in Australia !!) they did not receive their API / ...I want to spare you the details...ain't seen a cent till now...cryin' shame. I was part of 500k and paid an upgrade for that ...wasted money...I did not attend to all the webinars ( because of the time difference) but i listended to almost all .
I never, ever got an answer on tickets/remarks send through the back office.
I have made a time - line promise to myself and the clock is ticking fast ( end march ) I have lost my credibility towards a lot of people and don't want to waist more precious time.Let's move on is my advise... first some hard evidence and rewards for all our work and then will do some more ...not the other way around, amen.

Delays in implementing the Ad. Exchange
by: Errol

I would like to add my two cents here.In my opinion we have been taken for a ride...The PBC has joined with the invite 5...still don't know why the i5 did not tell us upfront that they are changes in the pipeline...I ask when will the the ad. exchange will be live...and I got a reply "soon"...this was about a month ago...I ask soon 1 week?2 weeks?1 year?5years?..they told me they will inform us when it goes live...then they come up with this crap..alert ..amber with donations....what a diversion to delay some more while they make more if they haven't made enough..I believe when they meet their quota...they will can this so called opportunity...keep hoping..
did anyone notice when you click and the ad."Emma Watson" comes up your money do not change...I think that the group is making this money...and when you request your submitted to get your have to pay $1.00 for every submission...did you know about this...still waiting for my funds....I will let you know when I receive it.....why don't they give it to you in about a week's worked so hard to earn it...we have a lot of downlines in Australia and they can only get 1 ad....not very encouraging but frustrating and this is why we are losing our downline along with with delays and excuses from the TOP...anyone agrees with me??

Hang in the Walter
by: Michelle

Hi Walter,

Sorry, I am just now viewing your responses. While I oompletely understand your concerns (we all have had them), I feel in the long run our diligent efforts will pay off. Wow! 80,000 members in your downline is quite impressive. I am currently at 114 with a whopping 6.78 earned to date. However, I strongly believe once the i5 version-2 pages are in place and the ad exchange goes live, people will have something "tangible" to hold onto and will be much more motivated. Many people take the "seeing is believing" approach. Especially with income opportunities. Soon, they too will see.

I do not know why your help tickets at PBC were not answered. Have you attended any of the Wednesday webinars? Many of my questions have been answered live during these sessions.

Although I am very new to the online income world(this being my first and only venture) I will say that I am learning daily and am personally very excited about the changes taking place at Invite5. To be able to better safeguard our children through the i5 alert, help support organizations close to our hearts AND have the opportunity to work from home knowing in some small way you are making a difference, that is my definition of a "dream job".

Walter, keep pushing ahead and paying it forward. You will be glad that you did. :)

Lori, thank you for your kind words. This really is an exciting time! Our efforts will be rewarded...I just know it!

Best Wishes to all,

Let's wait and see !
by: Walter

Funny, no reactions on my letter ... I am stand by for now ... got 80 000 members down 7 levels why worry ? Big bucks start rollin'in soon ??!!

by: Lori

Wow, thanks Michelle, nice wrap up!

Five stars from me....

I am so excited about this....


i5 alert response
by: Michelle

Hi Karla,

I think we all have had moments of frustration with the continually evolving changes taking place with PBC/Joini5.

I have steadily promoted PBC since late October and more recently focused my efforts on non-profit organizations because I firmly believe the i5 application will give supporters who otherwise could not contribute a means with which to give.

As for the i5 Alert, it is my understanding that although the new "landing page" is not yet complete, the system itself is fully functional and active. People are already receiving alerts.

I am sure someone will come along who may be able to better answer some of your questions. Like you, I am learning as I go, have my share of questions, yet still firmly believe in the i5 application and the benefits it can have to us all.

Best Wishes,

Great to see optimistic fans of the powerbar but...
by: Walter

Here is what I wrote to my upline ...we will see ina couple of weeeks or in a couple of months or not at all ???

''Hello Cindy,

Your answer is as extended as always, well written ...I am jealous ;-)
Now, just between you and me ( I mean it) (removed).... told me in confidence that the thinks that Archery Australia (40 000) did not get his tag because they are to small as a group !! And that Pat avoids the issue and doesn't want to clarify it with him ! Please be honest with me : do you know ONE member who is making money on orgs. ?? I mean, let's face it there are 600 who subscribed : where and with whom ? Do you know that I am loosing my downline because of all these delays and false promises !
The ''masses'' don't get it anymore ! I repeatedly told you and before that to Rex and Ed ... we got ONE ad 0,003 to view !!!!!! if one indivdual could get 10-15 ads at 0,3 ct it WOULD be motivating to click on them but now ??? I am seeing my hard work go down the drain rapidly ! First I thought wow I got myself a super member ( the one in Australia) who works his .ss and he will make me/you/him money but now I am not so sure ANYMORE.If I get it right , now we should go out with this beautiful new story and strategy to sign up more people and orgs ... Where are the advertisers ? Where are the ads ? Where is the new (more efficient)landings page Where is quote : '' On Monday we will be uploading out NEW "Simple 8" program designed to educate and inspire you and your downline. Talk about Duplication! This program is designed to make it crystal clear, the steps to take to succeed! '' (from News and updates ) Talking about false promises ! You can reach NO ONE at PBC I5 ! If you fill in a feedback ticket on your back office NOBODY gives a sh.. !
If you send an email : you get no answer etc It is one way traffic ! Oh yes they put up this video about the payment with examples of groups clickng etc BUT and I told you twice now in this same email = I have 80 000 people below me and ain't seeing a cent !
I am tagged for live so in a couple of weeks you and ed and i and of course (removed).. will get rich whilst sleeping ! Am I right or an I right !?
Let's hope for the best and I truly hope that your dream won;t explode as far as this program goes.
Time to get to work on my new sites and make some real money in stead of turning around in circles !
Please do visit my new babies and CLICK on all GOOGLE ADS !!! You will make me some money !! Thanks a lot in advance ! you would do me a favor and subscribe the weekly alert you could leave a comment ! click on google ads plse ( cosmetic industry and beauty products pay a lot to get their ads viewed !)

Talk soon and keep me/you posted !

Why are us saying Joini5 Alert is live?
by: Karla

I am very confused at your comments. I am right now listening to the recorded version of the webinar and they are clearly saying that joini5toalert is not live and will not be for a few more weeks.

These people have me so confused. I joined this in September and invested significant time and effort to be able to make money. Now they are saying this is like an amber alert system? What they heck? I mean great. I am all for helping to save missing children, but why didn't they tell us upfront that this is what it was all about? Why hide it?

Now they are saying that it everyone will be dying to join under us because of course everyone wants to help children. Well yes, that is true, but how does that make money for any of us that worked so hard to get people who we told could make money by clicking 10 cent ads? They are trying to say that the people will join to help kids and then they will click ads after they start looking around the site????? Please. None of this makes sense. Pat just said, Nothing has changed?????

Sounds to me like their concept was not working so they changed gears.

by: Michelle


For those of you who attended last nights webinar, you are aware of the amazing changes taking place.

If you missed it, here is a brief summary:

1.) The i5 Alert System is fully implemented and functional. Whether you participate in the income building opportunities or not, by registering and installing the browser button, you will automatically receive life saving "alerts" on your screen anytime a child within a 100 mile radius from your location is reported missing by law enforcement agencies.

2.) Make a difference! Support a worthwhile cause as you build your income. A small percentage of your earnings will go directly to whichever charity you select to partner with.
St Jude Childrens Research Hospital, the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and Shriner's Hospitals for Children are amongst the list, with many others to choose from.

3.) Once the final templates (Version-2) of the i5 site are complete, they will go live with the ad exchange. Until then, you will not see the charities involved or the i5 alert system HOWEVER IT IS FULLY OPERATIONAL NOW AND YOU WILL RECEIVE ALERTS, so why wait? This alone is worth registering even if you do nothing further with the income earning opportunities.

4.) PBC members will continue to have access to all of the valuable training materials, webinars and tutorials provided in their members area. However, with the new format, the landing page and toolbar promotion are no longer necessary and will cease to exist once Invite5 application goes live.

5.) Main points: tag
(everyone should participate) tag
(support a cause as you earn) tag
(income builder only through
the ad exchange)

Let's join together and make the world a SAFER and BETTER place for everyone.

Best wishes,
Michelle Brossia

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