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Powerbar Club Forum Guidelines & Advertsing Instructions

by Zac Hawkins
(Site Administrator)

Powerbar Club Forum  Instructions

Powerbar Club Forum Instructions

Our Powerbar Club Forum guidelines and advertising instructions are very simple and easy to understand.

Whether you are an experienced marketer or just a newbie looking for information to earn income online, reading my posting and advertising instructions are a must to make the most out of our forums.

You can start any topic you like in our numerous categories, what you CAN'T DO is post the same exact post or comment in different categories or on different threads.

All posts have a comment feature others can comment on, ask you questions, tell you they joined powerbar under you, etc.

You have the option to be notified via email if anyone comments on your post.
(a good idea)

You can also upload a picture, or simply add your own image code to your post if you know how. Uploading your own is easy for anyone to do.

You can upload your own picture, or you are welcome to copy our powerbar club forum picture to your PC so you can upload it to all your forum posts.

Simply right click on the powerbar forum image and then click "save as". Just name it powerbar club forum or something similar and save to your PC's pictures for easy access.

It is absolutely imperative that you read these free advertising and forum posting instructions to help you get free referrals.

Some of our advertising posts have received several 1000 free hits in just weeks from search engines all due to following my simple instructions. It's that important!

Keys To Your Success:
  • Your Post Title Becomes Your Keyword in google searches

  • Your first sentence/paragraph becomes your description in search results

  • <--Bookmark & Share every post you make! Click the button to the left!

  • Make your referral link clickable! (directions below)

  • Upload an image, the image caption becomes an alt tag for search engines.

  • Make every new post you submit original!

  • Write enough content to interest your readers and search engines!
    (100 word minimum suggested)

  • Invite your personal referrals to comment on your post at the end!

  • Invite your personal referrals to our PBC forums! Their contact info. is in your members area under contacts.

  • Selecting Topics Help:
    Use Googles Free Keyword Suggestion Tool, Click Here Opens in a new window, come back here for suggested broad categories to enter in the tool. Enter any of these or related keywords and look down the list at google for ones with less competition! (more white in the bar)

  • Get paid to, gpt, get paid online, get paid to surf, get paid to view ads etc.

  • Marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, network marketing, web marketing multi level marketing, MLM etc.

  • Work at home, work from home, work online, home based business, home based income, home based, home income online, home based work online etc.

  • Non profit, non profit fundraising, non profit funding, non profit business, non profit marketing, non profit resources, etc.

  • Are you starting to get the picture? Use your imagination, choose a keyword topic, put it in your title phrase, and then weave in into your post content.

    Post in a category related to your keyword!

  • Advanced Users Google Wonderwheel Click any results and get even more results! Switch Keyword entry for even more!

  • Making Your Link Clickable:
  • Copy this code, insert your referral link and save to a notepad on your desktop for easy access

  • <A HREF="Enter Your Referral Link Here!" target="_blank">Get Paid To Surf Details</A>

  • Change the get paid to surf to reflect the content and keyword of your ad.
    Very Important!

Use these easy to follow instructions and watch your downline grow like crazy!
It works believe me.

powerbar club
See you in the forums.

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Oct 04, 2015
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Apr 05, 2010
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Feb 21, 2010
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Feb 07, 2010
by: Lori

Hello... I wonder if someone could help me out here. I filled out my name, ph. #, and email, then clicked to register... nothing has happened, I have not received an email to give me direction, and there was nothing that popped up to follow. I'm hoping that it's only a glitch in the system. I'm anxious to get started, but how do I get my ID# and get my password? I appreciate any suggestions anyone would be so kind as to offer. Thank you!

Dec 23, 2009
It seems to working...
by: Sanjay

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Dec 23, 2009
can any one teach
by: hsn

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Dec 14, 2009


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If invited by someone, be sure to enter their correct email address below.

Email Address


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Dec 12, 2009
For David (anonymous)
by: Anonymous


First off, you should really spend some time in your back office reading and watching the available videos.

The 10 cent ads are what the cost is to the advertiser. Your portion is determined by the method you access the ad. You will not be getting 10 cents per view.

The limited ads are only in place until the program officially launches.

I think you are missing the most important concept of this program. Referrals.

You can refer others into your downline... 7 levels deep.

You are paid a portion of their earnings.

Say you get ONLY 5 referrals and they get ONLY 5 referrals, and so on through the 7 levels. Then each member clicks ONLY 1 ad per day.
Your payout would be $8,788.95 per month. More referrals... more money.

This is the power of PBC.

Don't take this lightly because it is free. This is one of the best business models I have seen in years.

Put in some effort to learn about the program and invest some time in marketing YOUR business, and you will find success.

If you are only going to click ads... you will be making a little grocery money.

Dec 07, 2009
Joining the club
by: Jeff Drudge

Hi there to all! As a fellow sbi'er, I found Zac's site through the sbi forums. I am in the process of building a foundation through which I can earn money using the power of the internet. This system looks like a great way to build an income stream. If you could add my link would be great. Thanks.
Jeff D.

Dec 07, 2009
How we get paid
by: Anonymous

It sounds like a good idea to get a 10cents on each click. But so far I only see 3 ads on the power bar. I am not sure it is reasonable to make money on such small ad base? Besides that how we get the money through our promotion effort. I am new here , can someone answer my questions and help me to develop the down line. My link is



Dec 02, 2009
Lack of Ads
by: Peter Currie

Hi I have just joined Powerbar Club and can see the potential in this opportunity my only problem is the lack of ads to click i have only been able to click 3 ads in 2 days

Dec 02, 2009
Help me build please
by: Maryna

Hi there. I have recently joined PowerBar Club. But because we are very private people we don't really have a circle of friends and I would really appreciate your help with building my downline. I really like the concept of the PowerBar Club and can see great potential in it. A blessing in disguise I think.

Nov 29, 2009
Straight to the point!
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Nov 24, 2009
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Nov 22, 2009
Post for members
by: Errol Sue

Please add my username to you wall so that I could sign up new people.

Thanks are a Knight in shinning armor.

Nov 21, 2009
Powerbarclub Legitimate?
by: Kurt

This is a legitimate way to make money at home and you control your own schedule.

A common question many people have is how can I make money fast?

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Nov 20, 2009
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Nov 17, 2009
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