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Welcome to Zac's Powerbar Club Forum and Free Advertising Resource Center. Whether you're in my downline of well over 10,000 members or not, or not even a member of the Free Powerbar Club yet, you are welcome at our forum.
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powerbar club forum

powerbar club

powerbar club

powerbar club

powerbar club

powerbar club

powerbar club

PBC Forum Moderators

Powerbar Club Forum Categories

856 Topics - 852,586 Views

PBC General Chat

NEW! 22 Topics - 8,875 Views

PBC general chat category is a great place to introduce yourself. Reach others looking for information about the PBC, and find answers if you haven't joined our Free program yet. Everyone is welcome!

powerbar club forum
powerbar club topics

Get Paid To Forum

55 Topics - 42,215 Views

Join in our get paid to forum and share your powerbar club with the thousands of visitors to our forums. You can also ask questions from our other members. This is a perfect category to advertise powerbar club.

<-Bookmark & Share Our PBC Forum! ;)

get paid to forum
get paid to topics

Get Paid Surveys Forum


This is a great place to share the PBC with those looking for online paid surveys. Yes, PBC is the best since it's free, easy, and you get paid instantly to rate a 10 second ad! Be sure to include Survey in your title and weave your title phrase through your post/ad a bit.

get paid to forum
get paid to topics

Non Profit Fundraising Forum

New! 5 Topics - 3,793 Views

Promote your referral link to Non Profit Organizations Here! One large non profit org. joining under you could change your life and the lives of many others they help with their non profit fundraising efforts! Please read The Free Advertising Instructions before posting here. Yes, it's that important!

network marketing forum
network marketing topics

Free Custom Toolbar Forum


This is a great place to share your PBC & referral link with large companies, website owners, network marketers etc. looking for a free toolbar to brand themselves. Well we just happen to have one don't we? Please read The Free Advertising Instructions before posting here. Yes, it's that important!

network marketing forum
network marketing topics

Network Marketing Forum

97 Topics - 93,356 Views

Network marketing includes anything related to networking businesses online or business opportunities. Share powerbar club with other marketers or find answers to questions you have here.

network marketing forum
network marketing topics

Email Marketing

12 Topics - 9,732 Views

The money is in the list right? Email marketing is one of the most important skills to become really good at. Not only do I offer a free video course here, but you can post your email promo so we can critique it so you can "fine tune" it before sending out to your list! This is a HOT category.

email marketing forum
email marketing topics

Marketing Strategies

6 Topics - 4,237 Views

Share your best marketing strategies here or read what others PBC members are doing to be successful online.

marketing strategy forum
marketing strategy topics

Home Marketing Business

29 Topics - 15,431 Views

Have a great home marketing business to share, of course you do, it's the PBC, or have questions about getting started?

home marketing forum
home marketing topics

Ebook Marketing

13 Topics - 8,623 Views

Ebooks are a great source of income online, and a great resource to build your online business. PBC CEO's Suggested Free Ebook For PBC Members Share PBC with ebook marketers here.

ebook marketing forum
ebook marketing topics

Multi Level Marketing

29 Topics - 14,889 Views

Share PBC with MLMers, or find answers to your questions about MLM. Be sure to tell your downline to post here too!

multi level marketing forum
multi level marketing topics


5 Topics - 3158 Views

Have a minisite or niche site business? Share PBC with other minisite owners. Want to know about this great online business model?

minisite forum
minisite topics

Web Hosting

12 Topics - 7272 Views

I share the best webhost bar none here. It's SBI of course. Share PBC with those looking for a webhost, and SBI too. It's free to become an SBI affiliate!

web hosting forum
best web hosting topics

Advertising Forum

117 Topics - 109,683 Views

Advertise powerbar club here. Comment on other advertisers related posts too. Advertising Instructions

advertising forum
free advertising topics

Work From Home

50 Topics - 72,826 Views

Nearly 75% of the population is interested in a home based business. This is absolutely a perfect category to promote PBC. (Be sure to put something about work at home in your title :)

work from home forum
work from home topics

Marketing Secrets

7 Topics - 4196 Views

This just happens to be the name of my ezine. PBC is quickly becoming no secret, but share it here anyway.

marketing secrets forum
marketing secrets topics

Marketing Website

14 Topics - 8,479 Views

Have a marketing website to share with us, Yep PBC is perfect here to.

internet marketing forum
internet marketing topics

get paid to

Powerbar Club Forum General Chat

Share the powerbar club with our visitors. Ask questions about the powerbar. Invite your downlines to your powerbar page here, etc.

Make this your powerbar club connection with your downline and other members too!

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Other Powerbar Club General Chat Topics

Click below to see contributions from other powerbar club members, and questions from those who want to join!

Are you looking for having better solution to promote your products. 
Frieds want to sell or Buy used mobile, computer, modem and laptop car, as all other essential products which is now available In …

O mês de maio marcará o lançamento oficial do POWERBAR CLUB.A partir daí o jeito de ganhar dinheiro na net não será mais o mesmo, todos quererão aderir …

Questions to the experts.. 
How much money you can make per link? and what are the over rides? from your down line, also how often one gets paid?? Mark, I assuming you are …

GUarnteed faster downline builder techniques and what the I5 and PBC is all about  
OK for those of YOU that feel this is some sort of a JOKE or scam or whatever negative thoughts YOU have ! LET me say to YOU goodbye from any internet …

Ads in Europe/Belgium 
In Europe we can see one (1) add per day at 0,003 ct !! Since my debut at PBC 4 months ago (and believe me I do work real hard to get a decent downline …

help w/ PBC 
Hi all. I'm excited as well to get started with PBC. I watched the video, filled out name, ph. #, and email... clicked register. Nothing ever happened. …

10 cent ads 
When do the 10 cent ads start for the Powerbarclub? A lot of people not to pleased over the delay, and next to no sign ups! …

Receive a non-stop payments To your doorpost 
If you’re like me, sick of all the HYPE and B.S. then pay attention. If you want to generate an easy $1,000 to $3,000 within the 48 hours the LAZY …

Original Powerbar Link Not Working! Anyone Else having this problem? 
My original link is not working. Which means all the traffic sites are not working. Anyone else having this problem. Thanks

Hello all, I'm really really new at the powerbarclub. 
Hi everyone my name is Jimmy, I'm from North Carolina. I'm new to the powerbarclub alot of the others here. I just hope I can get myself out there to get …

PBC - The only business you will ever need! 
Welcome to all. My name is Gordon (some of you may know me as LA Grouch) and I will be helping out here as a Moderator, and contributor. First off, …

I am lost. I try to register after I have filed in the details but the system does not allow me in. I want the toolbar but cannot see anywhere how to optain …

Power Bar : Is it really working for ME? 
I am from a small township in Central India, I have installed the PBC bar successfully (October 21, 2009) on my IE browser and since then, I have been …

Introduction To Powerbar Club 
Hello all, My name is Lillian from Kenya - I have just joined the Power Bar Club. I am trusting that I will be part of this family where we can work …

FREE! Make legitimate money in your spare time from home and never pay a dime EVER! It is totally FREE ALWAYS. 
Making money has never been so EASY and so FREE! You don't have to visit this site, but if you don't you won't know what you've missed. And if you …

Viewing 10 cent ads 
I am now in my 3rd week of using the power bar club and I cannot view the 10 cent ads. I tried using the help section; it says to click on the 10 cent …

What's Next? "How To Build My Powerbar Downline?" 
Hi fellow members, As I have stated many, many times before, I am a newbie at this. My question for the day is this... How do you approach level …

Welcome to the Powerbar Club Family  
Hi Everyone, My name is Michelle and I am a new Powerbar Club Member who has signed on to be a moderator in hopes of "paying it forward" with other …

Hello, I have spent 5 years hunting the internet for a home business opportunity.Like many of you I have been scammed,lost money and wasted a lot of time …

I Used to Hate Advertisements. Now I Love Them! 
I used to look down my nose at GPT sites, especially PTC. They all just paid pennies for each click, and you never had the potential to earn any real …

Welcome to the Powerbar Club Forum! 
Welcome to an information-packed forum with responsive members who care about your success! The Power Bar Club is the gateway to a new and upcoming …

Powerbar Club is a powerful tool to genarate immediate cash and is 100% Free. 
I have found the Powerbar Club to be a powerful tool to generate immediate cash and is 100% free, meaning free now and always. That alone makes it very …

Tired of online scams? The PowerBar Club is your way to fast & easy money from home!! 
Have you invested time and money into online "opportunities" only to find that everything falls apart and you are left with nothing? The PowerBar Club …

Welcome to the PowerBAR Club Forum...Look Around...Stay awhile! 
Welcome One and All! My name is Pamela Cunningham and I am one of the PowerBAR Club Forum Moderators. Please look around and feel free to comment, …

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There are a lot of reasons why I like PBC. One, the team of people are very helpful. Two, It's free, Three, it's convenient, with the bar installed and …

Hello everyone and welcome to the
Power Bar Club Forum!
My name is Robert Champion and I will be the one of the Power Bar Club forum moderators. I would like to welcome everyone in advance and hope our forum …

Powerbar Club Forum Guidelines & Advertsing Instructions 
Our Powerbar Club Forum guidelines and advertising instructions are very simple and easy to understand. Whether you are an experienced marketer or just …

A Few General Questions  
Hi Everyone, We all know that right now is the time to heavily promote the Powerbar Club. As I continually search for new free advertising sites …

power bar referral link  
the power bar club says not to use joini5 link to promote but every time i try to use my referral link it takes me to joini5 anyway... why? All links …

New eCommerce software release Not rated yet
Hello All. VevoCart provides a shopping cart software for anyone who needs to have success with an online business. VevoCart 4.3 is now available …

Autogrphed copy of Shebang! Not rated yet
Hello. I am the author of Shebang! You have to check this book out. It's everything you need to know about the modern world. As of last week, Shebang! …

Twitter secret money machine for gurus Not rated yet
Find out about this internet software that gives you unflinching support in your business . Its is free to download for free trial

family savings program Not rated yet
my family saved $200 last month at Walmart, This too good to be true savings really is TRUE, I saved on all my groceries and was even able to save …

What this means TO you How to see it the real deal YOU must stay strong ! Not rated yet
I'am sick of seeing so many syaing this aint working ! I know the ones in other countries only get like 1 ad per day BUT hey people THE USA has many people …

The powerBAR Club is changing my life! Not rated yet
Join Now! To reap the benefits of clicking on ads every time you use the internet, and get paid doing it! I've been using the powerbar club system for …

Information Not rated yet
Hi i am new to powerbar, i need some information on how does powerbar works? What are the benefits? Answer: Franklyn, Come to our support center …

Click Ads and Get Paid Not rated yet
Hello. Do you want freedom to make money and not have to break a sweat doing it? Do you want to be able to spend time at home while doing the things you …

My Powerbar Club ID 114377 Team Build Not rated yet
I hope this is how I should do it. My ID is: 114377 Looking forward to hear from you. Warm regards, Yvonne Netherlands Yvonne, Post some …

Help With Advertising Ideas Not rated yet
Here is my dilemma and you can tell me if you have any ideas and maybe were you have gotten the best results. I am juggling school and being a caregiver …

Spenden Sammeln mit Invite5 Not rated yet
Spenden sammeln für einen Verein oder Organisation war noch nie so einfach wie mit Invite5. Ohne dass Sie oder ihre Mitglieder in die eigene Tasche greifen …

How do we get paid, by check paypal or what??? Not rated yet
I can't seem to find anywhere how you get paid from the system. I have prospects asking me about this and I don't know what to tell them. Do we get paid …

Pic of Zac for forums etc. Not rated yet
Ok, I might come back here and write something about myself but frankly I'm in a hurry and just need to post this 80 x 80 pic to use on a forum I have …

Finally MLM Financial Freedom Not rated yet
After years of searching I've finally found the mlm financial freedom I have looked for. Finally no more trying to convince family and friends to buy …

Mac Compatable? Not rated yet
Is the Power Bar/invite 5 comaptable with Macs? Also, I have 2 boys that are college students and they live in the dorms. I assume they have the same …

Power Bar Club Downline Builder Not rated yet
In order to build a downline, you have to give out referral links and hope others will join. Well, those who haven't heard of the PowerBar Club, it is …

Lets work together to build our downlines to earn big cash form PowerBarClub (PBC) Not rated yet
PowerBarClub is a money making opportunity that can earn money up to 5 figures and best thing about it its free. It requires a lot of work but eventually …

powerbar member question Not rated yet
I am new at powerbar and was wondering, can I sign up my spouse under me, or is there a rule somewhere that says one member per household? Answer: …

Make easy MONEY without investing a Penny Not rated yet
If you don't trust anybody than you must give it a try by yourself and see how it will make your life easy. At the PowerBar club, there is no offers …

My new videos Not rated yet
Hey Everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I've posted a video review promoting The Powerbar Club. I've also posted reviews of some other programs. …

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We need YOU!! Not rated yet
Come join the 1000's of people who have seen the future. Come catch the new wave, best of all its totally FREE. WE can do this together. Come join me at....... …

I got more than 500 share in two months Not rated yet
This is really great! I can see the bar growing in number of share and number. This my PBC result below. If I can do it you can do it too! Together we …

I need members Not rated yet
Hello if you wanna join the powerbarclub craze join here at


Get paid for anyone who joins the Power Bar Club after you in your direct downline. Invite all your contacts. Welcome Aboard.

Promote the BAR? Just say ... Not rated yet
Get the BAR and the BEER ! Blast with FREE MONEY !! and ... Talk to a LATINA !!!

Awesome Potential With Powerbar Club Not rated yet
If you have been searching for an online business with great potential then look no further, The Powerbar Club is a simple easy to use system to get paid …

looking for a free work from Home Biz?  Not rated yet
Well I have found this Power Bar Club where I get paid to click on Ads. It`s simple anyone can do it and it`s Free to have the Bar on your Computer. …

Wanna Make Money Online Not rated yet
"Wanna Make Money Online" Does this sound like a dream to you? Can you really work from home to make money online? Well, this can now become a very real …

FREE to start earning money today  Not rated yet
i have only been member for week , no viruses or no financial info needed, absolutely free and yes i believe this is real , works similar to pyramid except …

Powerbarclubs Welcome Letter Not rated yet
I found to be more effective as soon as someone signs up I send them my own personal message so they may understand what the club is all about I will share …

Inviting nonprofit groups Not rated yet
I was just wondering how the nonprofit group works? For instance if it is a church building fund, they just get their members to sign up and click on …

Click Here To Get Something Real Not rated yet
Hi this is for everyone who's sick and tired of scams and empty promises. Click here to get something real

Your computer can be a "Cha Ching" Machine Every Time you Log on Not rated yet
What if you could make money, doing what you're already doing, without having to invest a dime? Sounds like fantasy land, right? I know your time …

Join the POWER BAR CLUB...and click on paid make money Not rated yet
Join the POWER BAR CLUB..and click on a few paid ads. to make on the link below and sign through the Power Bar Club and …

Which sites do fellow members reccomend for generating more ads? Not rated yet
I have read in the power bar FAQ's that the 'ads' tab is site dependant. In other words it will show ads that pertain to a given site. My query is, which …

A New Beginning is Possible with The Power Bar Club  Not rated yet
Hi Everyone, My name is Michelle and I am a new Powerbar Club Member who has agreed to be a moderator in hopes of "paying it forward" with other newbies …

PowerBar Club Tool bar Not rated yet
My powerbar club invite url is You can email me at The main question I have is on inviting others to get started. …

About inviting others to Powerbar Club Not rated yet
I am trying to invite others to join under me, but I think I am doing it the wrong way. Do you have any ideas on how I can get others to sign up under …

Hello everyone and Welcome to The PowerBar Club Not rated yet
Hello everyone my name is Samantha and I am glad to be part of the PowerBar Club Family. Being on the Internet for quite a long time I have been searching …

I joined back some months back Not rated yet
Question. I uninstalled the toolbar. lol...can anyone tell me where to go so I can have the link to reintstall it again? I know this seems like a dumb …

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