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Welcome to the Powerbar Club Family

by Michelle Brossia

The Powerbar Club Family

The Powerbar Club Family

Hi Everyone,

My name is Michelle and I am a new Powerbar Club Member who has signed on to be a moderator in hopes of "paying it forward" with other newbies who otherwise would be intimidated to give this golden opportunity a try.

Until I found the Powerbar Club, I steered clear of any online business opportunity that had the word "marketing" anywhere near it. In fact, I ran. I thought they were all just a myriad of online scams out to get more money from people desperate to find a way to earn a worthwhile income from home.

When I first saw the Powerbar signature link at a work-at-home-mom forum, I will admit, I didn't listen to the video the first time I clicked because I thought it was like all of the others. Boy was I wrong! Correction, very wrong.

The Powerbar Club is totally different. You do not have to be a marketing expert to do this, far from it. Marketing to me is a place you go once a week to buy your groceries, so if I can do this, anyone can.

Whether you are a marketing guru or a stuggling parent out of work, this program can and will work for you. The Powerbar Club offers a wealth of information, guidance and support. All of the tools are right here at our fingertips to help us along...we just need to pick them up and use them!

In closing, I just want to thank everyone who has helped me along in my journey thus far. To the newcomers, welcome to the Powerbar Club Family!

Join me and let's "Pay it Forward" together


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Jul 10, 2015
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by: Lamb

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Feb 16, 2010
Ad Rating and FB Response
by: Michelle Brossia

Hi Jim,

The ads you are currently able to view do not have a rating system as they are only test ads. You are still paid for them, yet are limited to 5 per day until the full ad exchange goes live at the conclusion of the PR campaign.

I am not sure why Facebook is blocking our PBC links. It may be that so many people are promoting this link so they view it as questionable. However, you can "mask" your current url by going to either of the following: or

Hope that helps some. You also have my email address, so please feel free to email me anytime. I am glad you have joined us here at PIP. The people are great and the information and learning tools provided are quite helpful.

Best Wishes,

Feb 15, 2010
Not connecting
by: Jim

Hi Michelle,

I'm having a hard time getting things set-up right. Facebook won't let me connect with them. And when I click on the ads they open but there is no rating bar anywhere. I don't understand whats going on. Email me at and give me a little help. Thank you.


Dec 31, 2009
Motivation is Key
by: Michelle Brossia

Hi Charles,

I have been at this for several weeks.Being that the program is new and still in pre-launch mode, I have spent the majority of my time focused on learning the basics of marketing, reading and placing free ads.

Ahhh, motivating your downline, that is the question isnt it? As a beginner myself, my conclusion is this...

Those looking for a quick fix are not going to last. However, I do believe there are enough likeminded people who are willing to invest a bit more time, and it is they who will excel in the long run. Those are the people I want on my team.

I also think once the 10 cent ads launch in a few short weeks, it will be easier to motivate others. I am all in on this and willing to go the distance.

Why not give it a try? Since it is a free opportunity you have nothing to loose.

Best wishes whatever you decide and a very Happy New Year to you!



Dec 30, 2009
Making any money?
by: Charles

Hello Michelle. Charles here. I was wondering if you would mind telling me how long you have been using this program and whether or not you are making money yet.

I have watched the video as well as poking around here.

I just can't convince myself that a person could ever get enough people under them (that will actually participate) to make the numbers work.

Simply just doesn't add up enough to convince me that any money could be made.

I am appreciative of your time. You may e-mail me if you like at

Dec 11, 2009
Well Said Michelle!
by: Zac


I have updated your moderators link to this page.

I think I might just post this in the members area for others to read.

I understood exactly what you were saying. I myself was introduced to the PBC several times before I took a serious look.

I get approached constantly with programs so when I did finally take a look at PBC it just happen to be a day when I was looking for a free income program to share with our members.

Like you, I am very happy I did.

Thanks for helping the others out Michelle.

It's great having you as a part of our "family" :)


Nov 22, 2009
This is my Moderators Page
by: Michelle Brossia

Hi Zac,

This is my Moderators Introduction Page. Is there a way to place it with my profile picture?


Nov 22, 2009
Requesting a Change to Moderators Page
by: Michelle Brossia

Hi Zac,

Earlier today I posted the email letter that I have been sending my downline "after" they sign up with me for tips and feedback from the members area. This is not my moderators introduction page but is what appears when clicking on my moderator profile.

I posted my Moderators Introduction and Welcome page under PBC's General Chat, with the Heading
"Welcome to the Powerbar Club Family". Is there any way to swap them? I never received a special moderators form with which to post and thought it would be picked up in general chat. Not that you've been busy or anything. lol

I will leave a comment on the correct page as well to flag it.

Thanks Zac!

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