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Viewing 10 cent ads

by Joey
(Fort Collins, CO)

I am now in my 3rd week of using the power bar club and I cannot view the 10 cent ads. I tried using the help section; it says to click on the 10 cent ad button and you will see a 14 day countdown to when you can start viewing these. It's been past the 14 days and there are still no 10 cent ads. How do I get to this?


The 10 cent ads will be going live very soon. Now is the time to focus intensely on promoting PBC and building your downline here using my free advertising instructions and our powerbar club forums.

If you have anymore questions I also have a large members group of powerbarbar members who will help you to.

Powerbar Club Group and Support Center

Scroll down the page when you go there and you'll see the comments by other members. Just enter your questions there and we will help you directly.

We've had over 1000 comments there form members discussing our team and how to make the most of this great opportunity!

Admin PBC Forums

Comments for Viewing 10 cent ads

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Sep 03, 2010
Man, this is stupid
by: Anonymous

I have been with JoinI 5 for 1 year and nothing...Waiting for the 10cent ads the whole time and nothing. I will see what the FTC says about this and the charity thing. People are telling me that they are just playing us and ran with the Ad money. Has anybody gotten paid from them? Honestly. Its already September and nothing yet. In fact, I have been with them for more that 1 year and I have not received a single cent. I have participated in every click. I think they ran with the money. I will put a complaint in the BBB.

Jul 02, 2010
Hello All
by: Anonymous

Latest update on the 10cent ads. They are working on it, Please people be patient all good things come to those who wait.

Jun 21, 2010
by: Anonymous


Mar 24, 2010
10 Cent ads..Ha..
by: Armando Aguilar Jr

So I signed up and clicked the "help" tab which leads you to absolutely nowhere other than a page telling you info you already read. I found "" so I filled out an app. GUESS WHAT? I entered my credit card info on it and what do you know? "page not found". WOW! Alright, this was literally, 5 mins ago. I'm SO angry. Not only that, I asked for help to the person who is my leader or whatever you want to call him, sponsor I guess, and again, WHAT DO YOU KNOW? apparently their email is experiencing difficulties but no worries!! There's no need to send it again it says. I can't believe this, its terrible..

Mar 15, 2010
third party text link ads (US members only)
by: Géraldine


Unless i misunderstood, members outside the USA are a bit (a lot?) disadvantaged concerning the ads.
But first, what are "third party text links ads"?. I guess that's the ads you get to click on when pressing the "ads" button on the bar, like shown in the video. Right?
But i read that these ads are for US members only & 10 Cents Ads available for members worldwide. Does it mean that those who are not US members have to register to "10 Cent Ads" to get ads and therefore some money??. If yes, that's not a good start for me on PBC because i read the presentation page of the site (10 Cents Ads), and i didn't understand a word!


All the best to each & everyone,

Feb 26, 2010
Guess hotw much after 4 months?
by: Anonymous

I gave it 3 months of consistent viewing and here is the conclusion I came too but you do the math. 3 months, $4.006 (I haven't viewed anything in month 4), 5 minutes a day, that's less than $.40 and hour. I had near 100 people signed up under me too. I think the chances are better for Obama's plan of 'Change' to work out than the PBC to give me income.

Feb 25, 2010
No updates provided...
by: Anonymous

Guys, me too. What I don't like is that they didn't provide any clear answer when it will start... In the meantime I joined SWOM... now that one looks really promising. Its a kind of Twitter based site, but based on internet networking... and you can get commission! Yep... that's right. Its sleek and cool.. I am not joking. Have a look and see for yourself.

Feb 23, 2010
The Truth
by: Anonymous

Unless there are advertisers stupid enough to put money into PB ads for people who are wanting to make money only by viewing ads and not by buying anything we are not going to see any ads.
If you were an advertiser would give your hard earn money into this scheme? I think not.
After weeks I have only .334c. I'm rich, rich beyond my wildest dreams...NOT!!!

Feb 16, 2010
Work hard and be rewarded by Powerbarclub ??
by: Walter

I have been promoting PowerbarClub for 4 months now - over here in Europe we are entitled to 1 add per day at 0,003 ct ... and we ain't getting anywhere.How can a company put his ''valued members'' on hold for several months ?? Hours and hours of hard work but no reward !I truly, truly hope that this program gets out of it's endless ''pre-launch'' phase at last ! A very disapointed member

ps I have a member in Australia who signed up 3 groups = + 50 000 members and guess what : still not seeing a cent ont that untill now !!

Feb 07, 2010
by: Anonymous

Everyone just needs to be patient!!!

Feb 06, 2010
10 cent ads
by: Dave Gray

Does anyone know when the 10cent ads start for PBC?
Also, I am advertising like crazy to sign ups for the PBC, but I'm getting no where, can anyone help me out?

Jan 04, 2010
10 cents ads
by: Vinod

I am now in my 5th week of using the power bar club and I cannot view the 10 cent ads. I tried using the help section; it says to click on the 10 cent ad button and you will see a 14 day countdown to when you can start viewing these. It's been past the 14 days and there are still no 10 cent ads. How do I get to this?

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