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PTC sites versus Paid to View and Rate Ads!

by Robert Champion
(Rockford, IL.)

Paid To View Ads - Clear Winner

Paid To View Ads - Clear Winner

Recently I have notice the huge increase in PTC sites on the internet. I ventured into a few just to see how they are paying members to click on ads that represent their advertisers. The majority of these sites are own and operated by one or two individuals. The truth is most of these sites do not last, because they promise paid to ad viewers more than what they are taking in, therefore failure is immanent.

I have found an online opportunity that is own and operated by a very large corporation. Millions of dollars and man-hours have been spent to deliver to the advertiser and the audience a very innovative idea in paid per view and rate ads. For the advertiser the ads are specific to the viewers preference which increases the sales per ad viewed compared to conventional methods use today.

The audience, which is you and I, are members that have signed up to this opportunity called The Power Bar Club. We are paid to view the ads and rate them as to there style of presentation and effectiveness to the buyer (you and I). The great thing about The Power Bar Club there is no such thing as upgrading it is free to join, no investment ever.

But it gets even better! The more people we bring into the program, the more we earn. This also works for our members too, down through 7 levels. This is truly a one of a kind opportunity we share in, with The Power Bar Club!

So, no more Paid to Click, Paid to read Emails or PTC sites of any kind! Just download the Power Bar Toolbar, choose the ads that interest you, view and rate them, and you?re paid!

Just click the link and get started today. Be sure and pass it on to your friends, they will be glad you did!

ptc sites versus paid to view and rate ads

While you are at it, join us here to learn more and advertise for free!

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Comments for PTC sites versus Paid to View and Rate Ads!

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Major PTC site disappears!!
by: Robert

As I stated in my ad for the Power Bar Club, PTC sites are poorly managed with the exception of very, very few. Well surprisingly (or maybe not so surprising) a major PTC site has disappeared and along with it, a large amount of member money.

It is not so much the fact of being poorly managed it is the way in which they vanished. They offered up a raffle with promises of cash prizes and also offered lower yearly rates for their existing and future members. Once the money was taken in by the owners of the site it suddenly evaporated into thin air without a trace. Leaving members scratching their heads wondering what had happen.

So think about it for a second, do want to rely on a PTC membership that may not be around tomorrow along with your earnings or join into a large corporation with zero cost to you.

My choice the Power Bar Club!

Very Clear!
by: Anonymous

Hi Rob, thanks for sharing and clarifying the difference between them two programs.

Highlighting the benefits of PBC you hit them right on the dot.

Talk soon
Moderator PIP/PBC Forums

Explained Perfectly
by: Michelle Brossia


Thank you for explaining the difference between PTC's and The Powerbar Club so eloquently. It's funny, I have wondered about looking into PTC's thinking they might be similiar to this, now I know otherwise thanks to you. :)

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